10 Simple diet tips


The main thing I’m asked on a daily basis is for diet tips


And the answer is completely dependant on your own personal situation there’s no one size fits all

Here are some simple strategies you can employ today to kick-start your journey

Some will be relevant some not that’s up to you to decide – or seek the help of someone to help you


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Here we go:

1.Track what you eat

Seems obvious but if we don’t track we don’t really know where we are going wrong. We can speculate what it is but tracking gives us facts and data that we can spot patterns and areas where we can make changes. It also gives us accurate numbers on the calories we are eating which is where your weight loss results live or die

2. Calories in vs calories out

As mentioned above your weight loss efforts live or die by this. It’s very simple if you are eating too many calories you will gain weight, if you are maintaining you are at your calorie needs for your calorie expenditure, if you are losing you are under. Simples! Track your food to know where you are but you can eat what you like as long as you are under your calorie limits. It’s just simple common sense that fruit, vegetables, lean meats etc. are less calorific than chocolate bars, biscuits and crisps therefore you can eat more of the “good stuff” but you can incorporate these higher calorie foods to stop the feeling of being on a diet! It should be a lifestyle change not a diet. But how do you know how many calories you should eat? See below:

3. Know your BMR (basal metabolic rate)

Your BMR is how many calories your body needs excluding activity. If you were to lie in bed all day and not move its how much energy in calories your body needs for your organs to perform at their optimum level.

To learn yours click here

4. Never drop too far below your BMR (or go too far over)

You should aim to be around 10% either side of this number on a daily basis. It makes logical sense that if you want to lose weight if you go well under your bmr you will lose weight quickly. Sadly that’s not the case your body will get to grips very quickly with the reduced calories and actually slow the processes of your internal organs and thus reduce your BMR meaning you have to drop calories even further to continue getting the same results. This will lead to restriction on what you can eat, a slow metabolism and eventually a plateau in results and it will be almost impossible to kick-start your weight loss again. You will also feel like crap as you body won’t be running at its optimum level you’ll have less energy and less motivation to exercise and eventually it will become too much and you’ll fall off the wagon

5. Do NOT skip meals

A fairly simple way to ensure your metabolism works for you is to eat fairly regularly. I’m amazed at the number of people who don’t eat breakfast or lunch or both and binge in the evening. Most people work during the day and it’s at this point your body needs energy not when you are sitting on your arse watching TV in the evening. Lets say your BMR is 1200 calories a good idea is 400 calories a meal or thereabouts or smaller meals with snacks in between. Just changing your eating patterns and portion sizes can have a HUGE effect on your waistline

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6. Create a calorie deficit through movement

The best way to lose weight consistently is to eat to your needs and move more. By hitting your calorie requirements your body will be firing on all cylinders and so activity is far easier than if you were to drop calories drastically and add exercise on top. You don’t have to go to the gym. Adding in a 20 minute walk after dinner or before breakfast 3-5 times a week on top of what you normally do will have a profound effect over a period of time. If you eating to your bmr requirements your body is using those calories so all movement requires additional energy and the calories have to come from somewhere and your body will start to break down your existing fat stores

As an added benefit exercise will ensure you hold on to muscle tissue to power these movements. Muscle is active tissue – it burns calories and therefore contributes to your bmr. If your calories are too low your body will start to burn off muscle tissue for energy as well which is another nail in the coffin for low-calorie diets

7. Avoid juicing diets and quick fixes:

There are so many companies looking to take your money because you are unhappy with how you look and promise quick results. Problem is they provide a short-term solution rather than treat the root of your problem – your regular lifestyle. A well-known meal replacement company that promotes its product as a weight loss aid encourages its users to drink a shake for breakfast, one for lunch and a normal dinner. Their shakes are 220 calories a time and an amazing 26 grams of sugar (nearly 50% of the calories). The majority of people will lose weight this way as it will involve a drastic drop in calories – something i have already advised you avoid.

Problem is unless you are planning to have shakes for breakfast and lunch every day for the rest of your life it is not a long-term solution and you will gain all the weight back and more.

If i said to you i wanted you to eat a 4 finger kit kat for breakfast and lunch and a normal dinner you would think i was an idiot. However a kit kat has 10 fewer calories and half the sugar of that “health shake” above so it’s arguably better advice than having those shakes!

8. Switch to brown carbs:

An easy switch that you can make today is if you are eating the white variety of bread, pasta or rice switch to the brown or wholemeal versions. The fibre slows the digestion speed meaning you are kept fuller for longer and the impact on your blood sugar is less than their white counterparts. That is not to say you can eat as much as you want they are still carb dense so watch your portion size still!

9. Eliminate fruit juices and watch your fruit intake:

Fruit juice is seen by many as a “healthy food.” However fruit juice has no fibre unlike eating a piece of fruit. For the same reasons as in the last step these means it is basically sugar and it digests rapidly and sends your blood sugar sky-high and you are highly likely to store these calories as fat. Yes it will have plenty of vitamins but a 240ml (just under half a pint) contains 23 grams of sugar. That is about the same as half a pint of full fat coke. ideally stick to water or green tea with your breakfast.

Fruit is certainly not a weight loss enemy unless it’s eaten in large quantities. Often people on a health kick will increase their fruit intake but the liver can only deal with a certain amount of fructose (the sugar in fruit) at any one time. Anything more than your body can deal with will be stored as fat. My advice is to avoid large servings such as a fruit salad and stick to pieces of fruit a day and it shouldn’t have an effect on your weight loss efforts

10. Hire an expert to help:

There is so much conflicting information out there on a daily basis that it is so hard to decide what the best course of action to take. All of the most successful athletes, professional sportsman and teams have a coach. Why? Because they get the maximum potential from those people. Many successful business people have business coaches. It’s not that you can’t do it on your own but a coach can cut through all the bullshit and get you to where you want to be in a quarter of the time

They will also provide the accountability. If you are only accountable to yourself you will slip and justify it in your head that you deserve it or whatever story you make up in your head. Having someone who can remind you of why you are doing what you are doing can be a great push in making you consistent and ultimately help you hit your goals


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