Discover how people just like you are going from fat to fit whilst improving their energy levels and regaining their confidence without having to endure soul crushing diets or vomit inducing workouts

Let me guess... if you just had a little more time you could dedicate it to being fit and healthy

You know its important but.....


Time is a precious commodity in your life. You have responsibilities .

You quite simply can’t spend hours in the gym or prepare all your meals for the week in to Tupperware boxes!


On top of that you’ll be 'dieting' and therefore miserable as you can’t eat anything you like (not true by the way)


Nor can you do anything normal like socialise! (again not true!)


Yeah I guess if you want to get in shape then its a diet of chicken, broccoli and salads washed down with your favourite brand of green tea.


You won’t go near alcohol. You will also not touch chocolate or crisps in fear of mainlining a full family bag of doritos.


This approach is neither recommended or sustainable. Sure if you want it super quick its not a bad approach

But It won’t mean LONG TERM success. Which I’m guessing is what you want.

Are you fed up of feeling knackered all the time? You have enough energy during the working day but by the time the evening comes and you spend it with the people you like the most there’s nothing left in the tank?


Do you ever get those moments of realisation you aren’t 20 anymore?

The getting out of breath going up the stairs?

The aches and pains

The hangovers!!!


I was out of shape 11 years ago so I understand where you are (Read my story below)


I want to tell you all the hang ups and fears you have about getting fit and healthy aren’t true!


You’ve built them up to this image of gasping for breath,sweating profusely and then going for a 2 hour lie down to recover!


Followed by that delicious chicken and broccoli combo!


It’s not! It is about creating a lifestyle that is suitablefor you and your goals. Let’s be honest the current one isn’t really working.


There’s no one size fits all. What works for one person may not work for another. We are all different that’s what makes us human.


So before you start another diet, a week long juicing detox or start googling health retreats..


All to end up back where you started.


Let me show you.....


Give me 60 minutes of your time and book your FREE consultation at the bottom of the page


P.S. Don’t worry there’s no hard sell at the end! I’m a trainer not a time share salesman!

I get it…

Back in 2008 I was in your shoes

I was 3 and a half stone overweight, in a high pressure sales management job with the added pressure of my son being born 10 months earlier

I wasn’t happy..

The money was great, the stress and the hours not so much

I was working from 5:30am till midnight, stressed out and was trying to get away from my misery by sedating with alcohol and telly in the evening

I was waking up more tired than when I went to bed and surviving off caffeine and convenience food

I refused to go swimming with my young son as I was too embarrassed to show off my moobs and beer gut and preferred to hide under my baggy suit jackets even in the summer!

I knew my health was suffering but what could I do about it. I had no time during the week and needed to do family stuff at the weekend.

So I put it to the back of my mind and told myself I was fine

Looking back I now realise that my productivity and results were pretty poor for someone doing 18 hour days

And why wouldn’t they? Physically I was a mess

Then one day a picture appeared on facebook of me at my sister’s wedding

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so angry and frustrated at what I had become

I felt embarrassed and ashamed and like a terrible role model for my young son

I realised that it was my fault and my responsibility to turn it around

Fast forward 3 months I’d dropped 2 and a half stone and ditched 6 inches from my waist – using the same principles that have helped countless people since

And yeah I physically looked better but my life improved immeasurably in so many ways
My work, my energy, my mood, my attitude, my confidence

And most importantly my relationship with my wife and child. Shockingly I wasn’t that fun to be around previously!

And I can do the same for you…

Having a strong, healthy body and being successful in the workplace are not exclusive to each other

In fact, the two together make you far more productive and more successful

Don’t let yourself believe you are past your peak

Get rid of the excuses and make it happen. It worked for me

You can achieve anything you want


Chris helped me achieve all of my goals when personal training with him , from losing 24 kilos in total and helping me achieve where I am today working at the same gym as him as a personal trainer myself ! Excellent workouts with and without him and help on my food I wouldn't be where I am now without his knowledge and experience. Thank you so much Chris.

From Sudbury

I have used and been abused by Chris for a number of years now, I would love to say I hated it, all the hard work, the pain and the like but in all honesty I loved every single minute, even those times when I literally couldn't move my arms to get out of the bath (sadly on more than one occasion).

Chris is an absolute star as far as personal training is concerned, he is so passionate about his work and it shows.

I would willingly recommend Chris as a personal trainer to anyone in his area, his knowledge and persona make him a treat to know and the fact that he's a Gooner just tops it off .

From Colchester

Having failed at pretty much any other form of fitness I decided to get a PT 3 years ago best decision I made back then, Chris successfully managed to help me lose some weight and tone up best I'd felt for ages!!!!! Had to give it up for personal reasons and unfortunately the weight and lack of fitness reappeared ! Am now back using his online service and so far I have no complaints! Chases me when I need chasing and gives support when needed. Would highly recommend Chris, an excellent motivator and trainer!!

From Sudbury

Working alongside Chris was the best decision ever. He opened my eyes to see why I was unable to lose a stubborn 7-14lbs that I had been carrying since my last child was born (he is 13!) despite being a runner and exercising regularly.
Chris without a doubt knows his stuff inside and out - he is easy to work with and I really enjoyed my sessions with him.

It is not a walk in the park and hard work and focus is essential, but if you have the motivation and follow his advice and guidance, I can guarantee 110% that Chris will get you the results you crave for.

From Colchester

I’ve had knee problems for so long that I thought I would never be able to lose weight and feel this good. Chris not only got me the results I wanted but my knee problems have disappeared and I can now run 5km!

From Great Cornard

Not sure how he did it but he got me from literally zero fitness with high blood pressure and on the edge of diabetes to where I am today 3 stone lighter with a healthy lifestyle. He really persevered with me early on as I was completely new to exercise but his approach is to motivate not berate which is great for me. Not only am I off all medication but I am now the proud father of twins after years of no success which I now put down to my lifestyle

I look back and shudder thinking of what I was 2 years ago when I first nervously stepped into the gym. Now my life is totally different and I thank Chris for everything he’s done to date. He’s not just another trainer and he’s become a bloody good mate too.

From Sudbury

Having trained with Chris for 4 years I can confirm that you will suffer his humour and abuse! If your a bit of a mouse I can assure you that after a few weeks you will be giving the abuse back, the more you swear at him the more he will laugh! In all seriousness Chris is a complete professional who respects you if you abide by the rules and put the effort in. (What's the point of going if you don't do what's required?) His sessions are different each time you go and he will vary them either more intense or less during the workout. He has a great knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the body and also provides brilliant advise on diet. Chris is definitely not a run of the mill personal trainer, if he was he wouldn't have lasted 4 yrs with me!

From Bury St Edmunds

Chris has shown me that with just a few hours a week of exercise and a better diet that you can feel amazing

I have a lifestyle now where I used to have excuses

From Bures

Chris is my 3rd trainer and the only one I had lasting results with. He really cares about his clients and gives 100% to make sure your goals are achieved. He’s very motivating and always gives reminders as to why you have started in the first place. If you give it your all you will get the results. My sessions were all about me not just a generic program like I’ve had before

He’s a top lad and we have a good laugh which makes a massive difference for me

Kieran Earls Colne









Don’t you think it’s time you stopped putting it off?

Actions speak louder than words