Weight loss – it’s not about restriction it’s the small changes that count


So today i was chatting with a client about how to lose weight and one of the strategies she suggested was not taking money to work to buy lunch


Whilst this isn’t a bad idea this is not the reason for this post.

I asked her how much she spent on lunch a day?

£4.80 she said

Now ignore the dietary side of things here and look at the numbers. She gets 6 weeks holiday a year which means she works 5 days a week for 46 weeks a year.

In isolation that £4.80 is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things

But in 3 years time (I’m sure she won’t mind me saying) this lady will be turning 50

And if you accumulate all those £4.80s she will have £3312.00!!!!

Over 3 grand could pay for her to take her whole family away for a week to celebrate the big 5 0

And this is so similar to tackling a weight loss plan

Problem is you don’t have the patience to wait that long you want results quickly

But let’s be honest what you are doing right now isn’t congruent with what you actually want

cos the scales and mirror will never lie to you

sure you can lie to yourself and wear baggier clothes or cover up the wobbly bits

but wouldn’t life be better if you didn’t have to?

The problem is when we are motivated we go at the weight loss plan at 100 miles per hour

gym 4 times a week for an hour, no treats, salads for lunch and dinner

but after a couple of weeks of that you hit a brick wall

your like “OMG I’ve been soooo good and i have only lost 3lbs this isn’t worth it!”

Don’t you think there are things you could change in your current lifestyle that would start making changes

little daily investments in your health and wellbeing that would add up to a great result

like £4.80 turning into £3.5k?

small changes 2

And if you just exercised a bit of patience and made these changes part of your new life it’s not only manageable and easy to stick to….

but you will get all the benefits of self-confidence, wearing whatever you wanted, shopping wherever you wanted and just feeling better and more attractive

its not just about weight loss

here are a few suggestions

  • Go for a 20 min walk every day either before breakfast or after dinner or during your lunch hour – download an audio book or podcast and listen as you walk
  • Get off the tube one stop early and walk the rest to work and get the tube from the same place to come home
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift every day
  • Drop your portion sizes down by 20%
  • If you eat chocolate every day drop it by half or have 3 days off
  • swap full fat meat such as mince for lower calorie options like turkey mince or 5% fat

Honestly there are hundreds of things in your diet and lifestyle that you can change that are small but when done consistently and with a bit of patience will have a huge impact on your life and weight loss

And it’s the reason that people are transforming on both my 121 and online programmes

As they are making small changes consistently and being held accountable

For more info go here

About the Author Chris Kinsella

I have a passion for helping people finally realise their weight loss dreams after years of trying and failing. I am a married proud dad of 2 boys. I am an ever suffering Arsenal fan for my sins too

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