What is the best diet for me?

So the question i get asked most often over on the old flakebook is which diet is best for me?


A mildly infuriating question that I never answer


None of them are best. Let me explain….

See they all rebrand and rebadge the same thing – reducing your calorie intake enough so that your body starts to use its own fat for energy

They all promise different things and remove certain fears and anxieties of weight loss and try to make it as simple as possible

They try to make it sound easy – which it isn’t by the way

But the way you should be looking at your current diet is that its got you to where you are.

If you are happy with where you are that’s cool

If not do you think that following a diet of cabbage soup twice a day or fruit shakes is something you can sustain forever and make part of your new lifestyle?

If the answer is no then you need to work on what you are currently doing wrong and there are some easy places to start

Portion size (particularly in the evenings)

Liquid calories – how much of your calorie intake is coming from drinks? Tea, Coffee juice, alcohol etc

Sugar – how much sugar is in your diet – minimise this to 20g per day mainly from fruit

How much are you consuming in the way of biscuits, crisps, pastries and all the other processed crap that is ruining your energy levels and making you fat

Sort these areas out first before you ever embark on a weight loss “diet”. Chances are sorting these 4 key areas will have the desired effect. Plus it’s very easy to make this a part of your life very quickly rather than spend a fiver a week getting weighed in a village hall

Be prepared though. As human beings we don’t like change. That is when willpower will have to come in to play. Be aware now that you will need to exert this at some point no matter how confident you are feeling right now

Your mind will make or break your new regime. Your mind will give you little get out of jail free cards – ignore them. You have the power to override what your brain is telling you if you remember the pay off at the end

It will always be difficult to not only change the way you eat but also the way you behave in certain situations. Learning to manage situations where in the past you would just say “fuck it” is all part of the challenge of a new healthier you

It is a hard process there will be ups and downs. Food is an addiction in different ways to different people. It can bring short-term highs followed by crippling guilt for some. Mad restriction followed by mad bingeing  for others. Many will see food or alcohol as some form of reward for doing well on a diet, doing some exercise or a tough week at work.

I get that. However you need to keep food as what it is. An energy source to live your life to the fullest. Give it the best fuel and it will thrive. Feed it crap and you will look and feel like crap. As the old saying goes you are what you eat

If you went and bought a Ferrari tomorrow chances are you would be putting premium fuel in it and the top end synthetic oil to ensure optimum performance. Start treating yourself like the ferrari you are rather than the clapped out old lada

Comfort food in itself is quite a bizarre concept. Food is used to improve your mood which in so many cases is brought about by a lack of happiness in a person’s life at that moment. Usually at the epicentre of that is a lack of confidence or happiness in how they look or feel – yet they add to it by eating the very things that got them to this situation in the first place.

Nobody has ever comfort ate a salad!

So before you embark on the Atkins diet, cabbage soup diet, baby food diet, juice plus, herbalife, slimming world, weight watchers or any of the other 3000 diets that all teach in effect the same thing with a different angle ask yourself:

Am I treating myself like a brand new Ferrari or an old banger?
If I analyse my key 4 (portion size, liquid calories, sugar and processed crap) can i improve on these areas?
Am I ready to change forever rather than a quick fix?
Am I ready to use willpower and change my behaviors in situations where before my plan would go to pot?
Can I learn to separate food from emotions – particularly comfort food

For most of us these simple mind hacks will be enough to get us moving in the right direction

But the reason slimming world and weight watchers have been so successful over the years is that you are accountable to the group leader and also your fellow members

If the accountability is what you are looking for then you may be a great fit for personal training (you can apply below)

Or if you want to go it alone there is enough information in this blog you make you happier, healthier and leaner in 30 days

and not a red or green day in sight

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About the Author Chris Kinsella

I have a passion for helping people finally realise their weight loss dreams after years of trying and failing. I am a married proud dad of 2 boys. I am an ever suffering Arsenal fan for my sins too

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